Silmeon brings his lifetime experience of entertainment and music background. At the age of 4, he mastered the "MoonWalk" which began his entertainment career.

Appearing on TV shows such as the Jenny Jones Show twice to headlining impersonation shows in Las Vegas at the tender age of 6. His incredible dance skills would lead him on the path to find his true passion; music. Silmeon has worked with prodcuers such as TraxMaster, Blu-note, and T-mo the "Idolmaker" to legends such as Doc Holiday who have worked with some of the industry's best!

Silmeon released his 1st album at the age of 10 and his 2nd album in 2006 "R U Ready" worldwide. Silmeon earned the privilege to open up for Snoop Dogg at the age of 15 winning a contest beating out 56 contestants from all over South Texas of ALL ages to be the first local act to perform at Corpus Christi's American Bank Center.

Dancing, rapping, and singing would only be the beginning of a journey for him to start writing and producing his own music under the alias "TheSizzler." Which he would later change to"SillySil"

Silmeon took some time off to enjoy the rest of his teenage years and also learn more of the technecalities of his craft.

With his newfound passion for production he began creating his own music and also collaborating with other local artist. 
Due to a the undeniable chemistry of a few collaborations, He formed the group "IaM" in mid 2011 with two other local artists. A little less than a year, IaM began to make serious noise mid 2012 with the anticipated self-titled EP due to drop that fall. But unfortunately the group would begin to fall apart with one member leaving right in the middle of the project and it never got to see a release. 

Silmeon and the remaining member started on a new project the following year in 2013. During that project, Silmeon created the song for the line dance " The Wiggle Jiggle" just for fun with his best friend "Q." Little did they know it would gain tremendous popularity very quickly. It traveled from the clubs to being played on MANY radio stations locally and surrounding cities. Celebrities like Steve Aoki, Danny Green, J-woww, Mario Lopez, and all of South Texas would participate in the Wiggle Jiggle movement. It even made its way to other countries like the Philippines and France. It gained so much interest the local news media  and newspapers ran stories on the song. It even reached other media outlets such as The Daily Dot and other out of town news stations.

Unfortunately, The other member left the group without warning at the height of its popularity. Silmeon was in quite the dilemma again to either halt the IaM project or pick up the pieces and move forward. His determination would not allow him to quit so of course he chose to move forward keeping the name "IaM." He would go on to perform and travel promoting the dance and his new music. He released a new song called "PayUp" which was remixed by the famous DJ "ElDusty" and DJ Chris Fonseca. Silmeon also released many other singles throughout 2014 and would go on a school tour invading many Pep-Rallies. He also collaborated with the group Dovle-V to record a latin remix to the Wiggle Jiggle which was also produced by Silmeon. He sparked interest and met with several minor and major labels but the right deal never came along. 

At the top of 2015, Silmeon was determined to begin a new journey and finally release an EP since the break-up of the group. He released the single "NoTime4Haters" in April of 2015 in the meantime. It took a more mature and serious tone showing his growth and transition as an artist. As a perfectionist, he decided instead of rushing the new project he would take time to get the right tracks together for his debut EP. During this time he hooked up with platinum songwriter and Grammy award winner "Poo Bear" to collaborate on his latest single "Harder They Fall" which released in August of 2016. He is also working with other major producers on other upcoming singles as well as a collaboration project with latin group "Dovle V." There really is no boundaries with Silmeon and the creative risks he will take. 

Silmeon brings something so unique to the table blending sounds of Hip-hop,Rap, Pop and Dance music all into one genre; Hip-Pop. From catchy hooks to original beats, it is hard to deny the sound of Silmeon. With Silmeon's growing buzz among the music industry, he has mingled with some of the hottest entertainers and producers out and have opened up for major artists like Snoop Dogg, Jeremih, 2chainz just to name a few! But most recently due to the success of his new hit single "The Wiggle Jiggle" along with hype-man "Q", Silmeon is now able to rock a crowds all over Texas! His latest EP which he shot a music visual for each song is about to drop Spring 2018! With smooth R&B hit like Y U mad? feat. Clarissa Serna to the club banger "Pull Up" that is really creating a buzz in Texas!

Stay tuned for the latest news and also request the new hit single "Pull Up" feat. Gabe Parker at your local radio station!